Eric Cariou
Département Informatique
Université de Pau et des pays de l'Adour
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BP 1155

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Assistant professor at the computer science department of the university of Pau
Member of the LIUPPA, MOVIES team

Former positions :
1999-2003 : PhD student at the computer science department of the ENST Bretagne and in the Triskell team of the Irisa
2003-2004 : post-doctorate position in the GOAL team of the LIFL


Research interests:

  • Model-driven engineering: verification by contracts for model transformation and execution, model execution adaptation
  • Software architecture: integration of component and agent approaches through services, communication components
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Verification by contracts in MDE. During my post-doctorate position at the LIFL, I defined the concept of model transformation contract. When I arrived at the University of Pau, I restarted working on these contracts by developing a tool to facilitate their implementation for the EMF platform. They were also adapted to verify model execution. This work is continuing with the PhD of Meriem Lahrouni (2012 -) at the Faculty of Sciences Semlalia of Marrakech, Morocco.
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Model execution adaptation. MDE has shown its interest for software adaptation thanks to models@runtime which is based on the principle to have at runtime a model that reflects the state of the running system and to reason about the need of system adaptation from this model. In a context of model execution, the model becomes by principle the running system. In this case, the idea is to directly adapt the executed model. The PhD of Samson Pierre (2012 -) aims to study this adaptation of model execution.
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Integration of component and agent approaches. I am co-advisor of the PhD of Nour Aboud (2008-2012) whose goal is to integrate component and agent approaches via services. The global idea is to define applications simultaneously with interoperating components and agents and to be able to use the characteristics of an approach for the elements of the other approach (agents in composite structures of components, agent high-level interactions used by components, ...). Services are used as pivot of interoperability between components and agents.
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Communication components. In June 2003, I defended at the University of Rennes 1 and at the ENST Bretagne my PhD thesis called Contribution to a Process of Communication Abstraction Reification. In this thesis, I propose a process enabling the manipulation of a communication abstraction under the form of a software component (a communication component or medium) from its abstract specification to its implementation(s). Throughout the whole software process, the reified communication abstraction remains the same. The interest of these communication components is to easily reuse communication abstractions and to define substitutable implementation variants of them.
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Contracts for Model-Driven Engineering

Tools and examples presented in the OCL'09 workshop and ECMFA'11 papers are available here.

Model execution adaptation

Integration of agent and component approaches through services

In addition, the PhD thesis of Nour Aboud at the Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (december 2012) : Service-Oriented Integration of Component and Organizational MultiAgent Models.

Communication Components

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